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Rude Kids Stencil by The Dotmaster – London Street Art

the dotmaster Rude Kids

From Dotmaster’s website:

The Dotmaster, a UK artist, started painting on the streets of Brighton in the early ’90s. He takes a sideways look at a populist media with a typically English sense of humour. His work is impeccably detailed – his half-tone work, stark black and white street pieces and unique, photo-real colour stencils all create street-based illusions that fool the eye.
Invited to take part in Banksy’s Waterloo ‘Cans Festival’ and featuring in the Oscar-nominated ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, The Dotmaster exhibits internationally.
A driving force behind the Nuart festival in Norway, he has collaborated with grass roots activists, luxury brands, Glastonbury festival, weirdos, developers and drop outs.

There is NO subculture ONLY subversion.

You can see more of The Dotmaster’s work here Dotmaster – It’s paint, but not as we know it.

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